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The Power of Propaganda

Recently I tweeted a statement that was attributed to Stalin and used by Joseph Goebbels (Hitler’s propaganda minister). Goebbel said: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

Our Western media has not only proved that theory, repeatedly, but they have perfected it right before our eyes.

Take the LGBT lobby as an example. The LGBT community represents less than 2 percent of any Western population. Only thirty years ago, they claimed to only want “acceptance of our lifestyle.” Today, the persecution of those who disagree with them enjoys social acceptance.

That is a stunning turn of events.

America has always been a nation that supports the underdog and strives to give fair treatment to everyone. Throughout our history, America has been the most generous and accepting society in the world.

Why else would millions line up each year to come to our country? I was one of those people fifty years ago.

To be sure, America has never been, nor will ever be, a perfect country. But compare it to the rest of the world, and it’s easy to see why it is the most desired destination.

But during the last three decades, a small group of propagandists have used our country’s precious and unique moral values as a weapon in their favor. Once they succeeded in silencing those with different views, they turned their success toward persecution.

That success was accomplished through the aid of the media. Although the homosexual lifestyle is far outside the mainstream—biblically and morally—the media was able to help elevate the LGBT lobby to the role of accusers-in-chief of the mainstream. To solidify that position, they labeled anyone with deep religious convictions as “haters” and “extremists,” and the destruction of their livelihoods was given legitimacy.

Soon, everyone’s liberty and lives could be in danger.

It’s important for us to understand, however, that not all homosexuals agree with their lobbyists and propagandists.

As a Christian believer, I have always reached out to and befriended people who live the homosexual lifestyle. Even during the 1980s, when a gay-rights lobbying group within the Episcopal church (to which I once belonged) tried to silence the views of true Bible believers, I still reached out to homosexuals.

I did so without hiding my opposition to their chosen lifestyle. In fact, it deeply offended me when some of them tried to equate their chosen practice with the color of my skin and my African descent.

But that didn’t stop me. No one is a true disciple of Jesus if they hate anyone—even those who position themselves as enemies. That is not open for discussion, and my homosexual acquaintances know that.

Although true Christian believers will never compromise their convictions and acquiesce to this anti-biblical lifestyle, homosexuals need to know that a Christian is truly their best friend.

Don’t believe me? Then look at what Islamists do to homosexuals.

Their “acceptance” of homosexuality ranges from beheadings to throwing them off high-rise buildings.

Christians, on the other hand, have always been persecuted for the truth of the Gospel. And they find such treatment of homosexuals to be the epitome of evil, even though they vehemently disagree with the lifestyle choice.

It is time for those within the homosexual movement to reassess their fight against Christians and Evangelicals. And more importantly, it is time for them to seek to know the Savior.

By coming to the Savior with repentance and faith—just like the rest of us have done who have come to the Savior—He will have mercy on them and deliver them.

And I pray that His mercy will deliver them as a community from the hands of the Islamists.


All Creation Must Reject the Supreme Court Decision, Part 2

In my last article, we saw how God’s ordained day of rest is indispensable since it was established by the Creator for the good of His creation. Any tampering with that design would spell disastrous consequences.

Now we will look at the second pillar of Creation: Marriage.

The same Creator God who established weekend rest for the good of humankind is the same One who designed a man and a woman to be united equally in marriage, for the good of all creation.

In Genesis 2:18, God said: “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.” It was God who created a helper who would appropriately correspond to man.

It was also God who conducted the first heterosexual marriage in the Garden of Eden. Just as He blessed the Sabbath rest, He also blessed heterosexual marriage as the only acceptable pattern for true fulfillment.

The interpersonal fusion of marriage—the wonder of intimacy, the oneness in cleaving to each other—spells out God’s design for one man and one woman—no more, no less, no variations. That design, and only that design, brings about God’s blessing on His creation.

In Matthew 19, Jesus emphasizes the Creator’s design when He says: “He who created them from the beginning made them male and female; therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and shall join to his wife and the two shall become one flesh.”

When God created man first, and then woman, He was in no way implying any form of superiority. Indeed, Genesis 1:27 makes it clear that women were equally created in God’s image.

That is why a man and a woman complete one another, and together, contribute to a culture that glorifies the Creator.

Some time ago, a former media mogul verbally attacked me because of my strong stance on biblical marriage. I attempted to explain to him that his arguments in favor of same-sex marriage would fall apart once he understood God’s purpose in Creation.

I then asked him, “Did God create a man and a woman to anatomically fit, and in every way, complement each other?”

The man answered, “Yes.”

Next, I asked, “If Adam had rejected Eve, and instead, asked God for another man, or if Eve had rejected Adam and asked for another woman, how do you think God would have responded?”

I’ll paraphrase the man’s response to avoid the expletive: “God would have been very unhappy about that.”

If Adam had shaken his fist at God and made such a demand, he would have vanished in a split second, and God would have started over with a new creation.

But now we have five judges on the Supreme Court who are essentially shaking their fists at God and saying, “We have rejected what you instituted in the Garden of Eden.”

Their decision can only bring our society to ruin.

Just because lightning didn’t strike after the Court’s decision doesn’t mean the consequences of rejecting God’s created order are not on their way.

As I mentioned before, should a handful of individuals legislate a 7-day workweek, it would spell disaster. In the same way, we cannot go against God’s created ordinance on marriage without bringing disaster.

Therefore, all of Creation must repudiate this wrong-way decision. But not only that, we must ultimately use everything within our power to change the decision and reverse course. 


All Creation Must Reject the Supreme Court Decision, Part 1

Image via Huffington PostMost of the arguments in support of the recent Supreme Court decision regarding same-sex marriage have been positioned in terms of “equality,” “justice,” “fairness,” and “non-discrimination.”

And arguments opposed to the decision have often been framed by “not wanting to change what has been practiced for thousands of years.”

But the most important argument has often been missing. That is, the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision flies in the face of Creation itself, as well as the Creator.

Let me explain.

The creation bond between God and humankind is embedded in two ordinances: Sabbath Rest and Marriage. They stand as two pillars that hold all of Creation together.

In this article, I focus on the importance of a Sabbath day of rest from work and labor. Next week, I will address marriage—and why it is rooted in Creation itself.

The Sabbath includes the essential rest from the labor that God intended for all humankind to embark on for survival. Long before Moses and Abraham, and even before Adam and Eve, God established the concept of the “weekend.”

In Genesis 2:3, God blessed the day of rest—the Sabbath day—and sanctified it. In other words, rest at the end of the workweek was God’s idea, not the labor unions’. By instituting and blessing the end of the workweek, God demonstrated the importance of its impact on the world He had created.

God established the end of the workweek for the good of humankind. Jesus confirms that when, in Mark 2:27, He says: “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.”

Thousands of years after God created the day of rest, He gave Moses the command that His people should honor the Sabbath. God’s command was not just that all humankind should rest at the end of the week, but that all of His creation should. In Exodus 20:8-11, God institutes the end of the workweek in order to prevent humankind’s enslavement to work, which would have resulted in its demise in a very short time.

It would be hard for any of us to disagree with God’s wisdom in regards to the Sabbath. But imagine if the Supreme Court outlawed any break at the end of the workweek—that somehow they decided it was preferable for all people to work seven days a week.

“That would be absolutely unbearable,” you would say. And I would agree with you.

That is because the Creator is the One who established the way the world works and the way our bodies work. He designed the Sabbath for the good of His creation. In His perfect plan, a true day of rest must follow a true hard-working week.

That is the law of Creation. And to violate God’s law with impunity can only spell humanity’s demise.

By instituting the Sabbath, God boldly proclaimed that labor is a blessing, not a drudgery, and so is the Sabbath rest. God wanted His created beings to enjoy life in the context of His creation—enjoy it by being creative during the week, and recreative during the end of the week.

Here is the point: from the beginning, the Creator has been looking out for His creation.

And it makes sense. Who could love Creation more than the Creator Himself?

Therefore, whatever God established is for the ultimate good of created beings. Governments or courts cannot dismantle this principle without dismantling a society that is designed for our good. 


The Collision of Two Runaway Trains

I am reposting an article I wrote more than three years ago. Looking at the world today, I see the increased speed towards cataclysmic collision!

I am currently on an around-the-globe trip, going from the West Coast, to Down Under, Singapore, London, and then home again.

From the vantage point of this journey, the one striking and overwhelming image I get is of two runaway trains moving in opposite directions. And yet, in some strange way, they are about to cause a global collision.

Let me explain.

On one train, Islamists are violently demanding that the West bow to them as they seek to take the world back to the Arabian dark ages of the 7th century.

On the other, humanists, atheists, greens, and extreme liberals are pushing the West to abandon its historic morals and Judeo-Christian ethics. They demand that the West embrace a world of homosexual marriages, nature worship, environmental extremism, and godlessness.

Although I am a trained social anthropologist who is supposed to make sense of such things, I must confess that I am baffled on this front. How can two extreme movements, heading in opposite directions, be so perilously close to an unprecedented collision?

The one thing that both runaway trains have in common, however, is their hatred of Christians. To both, Christians represent a threat—although different types of threats.

To Islamists, the threat is theological. Christians believe that God became man, died on a cross to redeem the world, and rose again to justify everyone who would believe in Him. Every day, Muslims are turning their back on Islam and embracing the redemption that only Jesus offers. Through those conversions, the biggest fear of Islamists has come upon them.

To atheists, humanists, and environmental zealots, the threat is to their own consciences. They were created in God’s own image, and Christians represent a “photograph” of the life they were meant to lead. The liberal extremists cannot escape that image, and it burdens their inner guilt.

Thankfully, where social anthropology fails me, the Bible never does! It is only biblical knowledge that can make sense of the apparently senseless.

The Bible tells us that when sin increases, grace also abounds. Although I can’t promise Christians an easy time in life, based on Scripture, I can certainly assure them that God’s grace and light will shine brighter through them as the darkness increases.

Many of my friends would explain the current events in the world as the great “falling away” that will occur before the return of Christ. Certainly they have every reason to believe that. But I am in the business of reminding them that, regardless of this turmoil, our call is to lift up Jesus to all. And through lifting Him up, some may come to believe and be redeemed.

Not only is our God in control of history, He is the author and finisher of history. Therefore, Hewill have the last word.

So, my friends, get busy lifting up Jesus. Take courage and look up. For the day of your redemption draws nigh.