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Is God’s Judgment Against Us Inevitable?

America, and the West, seem to be sinking into the abyss, and it’s time to ask: Is God’s judgement now inevitable?

In contemplating the answer, we should consider some of the obvious reasons why judgment could come soon:


  1.  The blood of millions of innocent lives is shed and body parts are sold for profit in this country, while our government supports and funds such monstrous activity.
  2. God’s purpose in Creation, and His declared purpose for marriage, has been ignored and ruled against by the highest court in the land.
  3. Police authority is devalued by a great many people and undermined by political leaders.
  4. God-fearing, Bible-believing Christians are forbidden by the U.S. administration from saying the name of their God in the military.
  5. European businessmen and government officials cannot wait to do business with Iran—a leading state sponsor of the persecution and murder of innocent people.
  6. Persecuted Christians from the Middle East and elsewhere are forbidden entry visas into the United States and Europe. And yet illegal aliens—terrorists among them—get in and are given support.
  7. News programs report nearly every day on the rape and murder of Christian women and children by ISIS, while our government leaders cannot be bothered to condemn it, let alone do something about it.
  8. A sex change operation can get you a call from the highest office holder in the land to commend you for your “courage,” while families of fallen soldiers receive nothing.
  9. Those who announce their choice to reject God’s created order become heroes, while those who have taken a vow of poverty and serve the least among us are discriminated against.


With those, and many other government decisions made to marginalize righteousness and the righteous, can God’s judgment be far behind?

We can already see the signs of the lifting of God’s hand upon America through the cowardice of today’s politicians. Lying by public officials is rampant (and is even considered a virtue by many). Politicians refer to their political opponents as terrorists, while at the same time, they refuse to label the real terrorists as such.Elected government officials, out of fear of criticism, hide behind parliamentary maneuvers to avoid obeying the Constitution and allowing religious liberty.

We are already reaping the leaders that we deserve.

Twenty-six hundred years ago, a similar situation took place among a people who had once believed in and worshipped the one true God. The rulers and the people of the day had abandoned God.

But God sent them spokesmen to deliver the truth—among them a man named Jeremiah.

Jeremiah warned and warned and warned them that God’s judgment could not be stayed forever. God’s principle of sowing and reaping will be carried out unless there is a perceptible change.

But no one would listen. They mocked God, and Jeremiah was vilified—just as today’s spokesmen are, such as myself.

Sadly, the inevitable judgment came. Terrorists from Babylon entered the “Promised Land” and maimed and killed many and took others hostage. Of course, the same people who had mocked God, then cried out, “Where is God?”

The very God they had insulted, the very God they had rejected, then ironically became the object of their ire for not answering their pleas and giving them the prosperity they wanted.

What form of judgment will God take this time? Only He knows the answer to that. But our country can still turn to Him now, before it is too late. If we don’t, however, God’s judgment will be inevitable.


The Power of Propaganda

Recently I tweeted a statement that was attributed to Stalin and used by Joseph Goebbels (Hitler’s propaganda minister). Goebbel said: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

Our Western media has not only proved that theory, repeatedly, but they have perfected it right before our eyes.

Take the LGBT lobby as an example. The LGBT community represents less than 2 percent of any Western population. Only thirty years ago, they claimed to only want “acceptance of our lifestyle.” Today, the persecution of those who disagree with them enjoys social acceptance.

That is a stunning turn of events.

America has always been a nation that supports the underdog and strives to give fair treatment to everyone. Throughout our history, America has been the most generous and accepting society in the world.

Why else would millions line up each year to come to our country? I was one of those people fifty years ago.

To be sure, America has never been, nor will ever be, a perfect country. But compare it to the rest of the world, and it’s easy to see why it is the most desired destination.

But during the last three decades, a small group of propagandists have used our country’s precious and unique moral values as a weapon in their favor. Once they succeeded in silencing those with different views, they turned their success toward persecution.

That success was accomplished through the aid of the media. Although the homosexual lifestyle is far outside the mainstream—biblically and morally—the media was able to help elevate the LGBT lobby to the role of accusers-in-chief of the mainstream. To solidify that position, they labeled anyone with deep religious convictions as “haters” and “extremists,” and the destruction of their livelihoods was given legitimacy.

Soon, everyone’s liberty and lives could be in danger.

It’s important for us to understand, however, that not all homosexuals agree with their lobbyists and propagandists.

As a Christian believer, I have always reached out to and befriended people who live the homosexual lifestyle. Even during the 1980s, when a gay-rights lobbying group within the Episcopal church (to which I once belonged) tried to silence the views of true Bible believers, I still reached out to homosexuals.

I did so without hiding my opposition to their chosen lifestyle. In fact, it deeply offended me when some of them tried to equate their chosen practice with the color of my skin and my African descent.

But that didn’t stop me. No one is a true disciple of Jesus if they hate anyone—even those who position themselves as enemies. That is not open for discussion, and my homosexual acquaintances know that.

Although true Christian believers will never compromise their convictions and acquiesce to this anti-biblical lifestyle, homosexuals need to know that a Christian is truly their best friend.

Don’t believe me? Then look at what Islamists do to homosexuals.

Their “acceptance” of homosexuality ranges from beheadings to throwing them off high-rise buildings.

Christians, on the other hand, have always been persecuted for the truth of the Gospel. And they find such treatment of homosexuals to be the epitome of evil, even though they vehemently disagree with the lifestyle choice.

It is time for those within the homosexual movement to reassess their fight against Christians and Evangelicals. And more importantly, it is time for them to seek to know the Savior.

By coming to the Savior with repentance and faith—just like the rest of us have done who have come to the Savior—He will have mercy on them and deliver them.

And I pray that His mercy will deliver them as a community from the hands of the Islamists.


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