God is In Control

Have a Wonderful Life


Sheep Among Wolves

When I escaped from the Middle East more than 40 years ago with only the clothes I was wearing, I had every reason to turn my back on the people who persecuted me. But God changed my heart. And that’s why I want to share a key verse that the Lord used to help me understand why I had to love those who hated me.

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True Biblical Love

We in the United States are living in one of the most dangerous times in modern history. Geopolitically, our government is appeasing those who have declared enmity toward us. Washington is mistreating our friends and ingratiating themselves to those who wish us harm. Even those with just an elementary knowledge of history know this is a recipe for disaster.

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Is Freedom of the Press Dead in America?

Having lived under a dictatorship, I know the tactics dictators use to control people only too well. Chief among them is control of the media. The messaging and the headlines come down from on high and any journalist who dares to challenge the government “line” is dealt with severely.

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Where have all the feminists gone?

I remember back in the late ’60s or early ’70s, Germaine Greer and many of her feminist cohorts used to appear on Australian television and “pile on” Christianity as an oppressor of women. Coming fresh out of the Middle East into the West and knowing how Christian women are lovingly treated in comparison to their Muslim counterparts, I wanted to scream at the television. Do these people understand that Jesus is the only true liberator of women? Have they ever read the Bible? Do they really know what it means to truly oppress women? Are they so clueless they don’t understand that Western civilization came into being because of the light of Christianity?

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