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The Troubling Past and Frightening Future of Jihad, Part 2

Over the years, I've returned many times to Egypt, the land of my birth. That land has changed dramatically since my boyhood. In recent years, this formerly secular and religiously tolerant nation has become a hotbed of Islamic extremism. Though there has been political repression in Egypt throughout my lifetime, the one benefit of that repression is that Muslims, Jews, and Coptic Christians lived together in relative peace and security.

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The Troubling Past and Frightening Future of Jihad, Part 1

During the Egyptian uprising, shortly before Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was forced from office, I was a guest on CNN Newsroom with anchor Don Lemmon. As the Egyptian government was collapsing, I argued that the Western media were missing the real story. Western journalists were praising and celebrating the Arab world uprisings as a popular demand for democracy and freedom.

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Before You Go to College...

Everyone knows someone who will be graduating from high school in the next month or so. The sad reality is that many parents, family and friends miss the opportunity to share with their college-bound freshman the tenants of the faith and encourage them in this new, exciting, and sometimes daunting venture. There are many who want to mold the minds of these young students by removing every last ounce of Christian thought and doing that by any means necessary. Here is a letter I have written to a number of soon-to-be high school graduates who go to our church, encouraging them and lending some needed advice before they enter the halls of academia.

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A Nation of Laws- or of Men?

I am an American, born in Egypt. I have traveled to most of the countries in the world, and all of my travels have only increased my love for my adopted homeland. Of all the things I love about America, one of the most significant is the fact that ours is a nation of laws, not of men.

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