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War On Christmas

Around this time of year, the war against all symbols of Christmas begins to heat up in schools, small towns, and big cities. This so-called "war" on Christmas is only symbolic of a far greater and more intensified war that is waged against the Christian faith in general and Christians in particular.

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Anglicanism: The Fallacy of Unity

Christians around the world are watching the painful interaction within the Anglican communion between those who are committed to biblical truth (over 90 percent of Anglicans worldwide), and those who prefer to abandon the truth altogether (a tiny minority).

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Finally—the Enviro-Nazis Come Clean in Cancun 

I have said for years that, all of those environmentalist fanatics are more concerned about nature-worship religion than anything else. The zeal and fervor with which they worship their gods puts the average Christian worshiper to shame. Their commitment to the tenets of their religion is so extreme that, they are willing to see the entire world industry and economy collapse, if need be, in order to please their nature, fertility, and earth gods.

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To Profile or Not To Profile

While many of our fellow Americans have gathered with family and friends to give thanks to God for His great blessings, most of those who have traveled on airplanes for this happy occasion are not very thankful for the TSA’s new intrusive security measures. They include full-body image scans and intense “pat downs” that some say border on fondling.

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