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The Turmoil In The Middle East

Westerners are looking at what is happening on the Egyptian streets and wondering if it is good for an oppressed people to protest against a semi-dictatorial regime. Most of these young protesters cannot find jobs, and inflation has ravaged the middle class, to say nothing of the gulf between the very rich and the very poor.

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Signs Of The End Times?

A cursory look at the Middle East this week would convince even the most optimistic that the turmoil in most middle eastern countries does not point to any future hope for peace.

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Episcopal Church: Christian?

Based on everything I am currently reading and what I experienced firsthand in that Church in the past, my answer to this question is a forceful, “No!” Perhaps the last nail in the coffin of that once-vibrant Christian church came as no surprise to many of us when M. Thomas Shaw, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, kicked off the new year of 2011 by performing a lesbian marriage ceremony at St. Paul’s cathedral in Boston. Two “priestesses” of the church, Katherine Hancock Ragsdale (dean and president of Episcopal Divinity School, no less) and Mally Lloyd (canon to the Ordinary at St. Paul’s) were united in homosexual bliss in the presence of 400 guests. The whole debate of homosexuality has deteriorated into an emotional argument on equality with total disregard to God’s created order that marriage should be between one man and one woman.

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The Arizona Shooting

Over the weekend, our nation was shocked and horrified by yet another senseless shooting. This time it was in Tucson, Arizona where an attack on a fine congresswoman left her hovering between life and death. Six others were killed and many more were injured. Among the dead are a Federal Judge and a beautiful nine-year-old girl. Anyone who was not moved to tears by these horrific acts has surely lost their senses.

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