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Dr. Youssef discusses Egypt crisis on University discussion panel (Video)


Who Are The Muslim Brotherhood?

What is the Muslim Brotherhood that we’re hearing so much about these days? Back in 1928, Egypt was under British rule. They had an Egyptian parliament and cabinet, but the British controlled three key cabinet positions: the army, the police and the finances. At that time, a young school teacher by the name of Hassan al-Banna, under the influence of the Wahabi movement in Saudi Arabia, declared that a war of independence from British rule must be fought. He believed that this war must not be waged on a secular “classic liberal” basis but, instead, through Islamic ideology. But that meant Egypt returning from modernity to “Stone Age” 700 A.D. Arabian rule, under which the founder of Islam and his successors, the Caliphates, claim to be inspired by Allah and his Shariah law.

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Dr. Youssef In The Media

For those of you who missed my appearances on Fox News' "Huckabee", The Fox Business Channel's "America's Nightly Scoreboard", and CNN News in regards to the Egypt Crisis we have loaded the videos here for you. Also feel free to visit my You Tube Channel. Other videos from other news outlets will be posted shortly, so please check back soon!


America's Role In The Egypt Crisis

Westerners are looking at what is happening on the Egyptian streets and wondering if it is good for an oppressed people to protest against a semi-dictatorial regime. Most of these young protesters cannot find jobs, and inflation has ravaged the middle class, to say nothing of the gulf between the very rich and the very poor.

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