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Americans' views of God shape attitudes on key issues - News Commentary

Americans' views of God shape attitudes on key issues

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This is a sad indictment on preachers in America who have been preaching a one-sided God.

My first reaction to this study is how tragic it is that people don't see God as ALL OF THE ABOVE.

The Bible is very clear that God is both the God of Mercy and justice, He is the same throughout. His two natures are like two sides of the same coin ...split it and you get a false god.


The Sin of Not Voting

Is it a sin not to vote? First, let's define sin. The Bible has five different usages of the word "sin." Most common among them is "missing the mark." Believers are eternally forgiven and justified before God the Father only through the redeeming work of Jesus Christ on the cross. But believers also sin daily by giving in to temptations and not living up to biblical standards. That's why daily confession and repentance is something believers must do: When we sin and fail to be good stewards of "God's money," "God's time," and "God's gifts." When we fail to testify to our Savior when the opportunities present themselves. When we sin by becoming more self-focused than God focused. When we sin by nursing anger, bitterness, unforgivingness, resentment, etc.

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Muslim Europe?

In a recent visit to Italy (the home of the Roman Catholic Church), Libya’s dictator, Muammar al-Gaddafi, declared that, “Islam should become the religion of the whole of Europe.” This statement was a direct challenge and provocation to the Roman Catholic Church in particular and to Christianity in general.

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